Wednesday, January 13, 2010

US weekly needs to stop

US weekly really needs to stop pitting toddlers against eachother. i'm so sick of in the "who wore it best" section seeing violet affleck & suri cruise wearing the same juicy cardigan and apparently 57% thought violet wore it best. you know what, that is ridiculous. i've seen it a couple of times before but over half their page this issue is kids and i think it's out of control. let's give them a complex at age 3 about who looks best.

in other news, i'm going to retire the word "gay" from my blog because it's apparently "offensive" so i'm trying to find an appropriate word to describe the new bachelor "on the wings of love." lame is offensive to cripples, right, and "dumb" or "stupid" really just doesn't do it justice. fuck. i do know a good word for the bachelor tho--d-bag, for sure.

so we saw dance flick the other night. i don't really think i need to even say anything about that movie that you already couldn't have guessed.

we are going to elmo live on friday and we have ROW 1 SEAT 1 so that should be a good time.

1 other thing i wanted to mention is that i went to the mall of america last nite and i usually only go there at 10 AM so it was weird to be there at nite but anyway i am sick of the people at the carts who are selling crap like lotion or irons to straighten your hair or hair extensions...yelling at you as you walk by. um, excuse me but i thought this was minnesota not fucking tijuana. WTF is up with those people and why when you say "no thank you" do they feel the need to continue on? i guess they don't know the difference between stupid and smart people so they just treat everyone the same but, like, seriously? i hate those carts. also i prefer the mall in the AM and all the moms with their bugaboos as opposed to the creepy teenagers there at night..ick.

ps. i can't believe what NBC is doing to conan, that's so fucked up.


  1. Those lotion people are nuts. Even if you walk by fast with your head down they will yell at you about whatever they're selling.

    Shutter Island looks sooo good. And I am finally caught up on RHOC. I really can't stand the new housewife. Did you see in her first episode how she talked about how her kids were her third priority? She's disgusting.

  2. God, you crack me up!! I have a question, who do all those people in the mall have some weird accent.

  3. robyn: the new housewife is great. i especially love it when she took her 1 year olds to get manicures and they were like get me the fuck out of here.

    ibleedpink: i don't know why they all insist on having weird accents. where the fuck are they from? of course, i'm only tolerant of cultures that have good food, like mexican or japanese.

  4. I love you Lizzie...and of course K would rock that juicy sweater wayyyy better than Violet or Suri! please please blog about Elmo! I love him.