Tuesday, October 27, 2009

design sponge etc.

i've been thinking a lot about furniture and design and home shit recently because we are thinking about doing our living room and fireplace..anyway i just wanted to mention this design website that is amazing, it has a ton of crap and one of the features it has is "living in" some movie for example dirty dancing which i love. it picks out stuff that would fit in with the movie and it's really cool. they also do edward scissorhands and some other cool movies. not quite sure why they'd choose mamma mia, however, though because it's like the worst movie ever made but whatever.

on another note, my husband is in las vegas tonight for business and just called to tell me he is going to cirque du soleil. he doesn't want to go. neither would i. is it just me or is cirque du soleil just the gayest thing ever invented next to the billy joel/elton john concert? i totally have no desire to go at all. last time i was in vegas i went to the "rat pack is back" which was really sort of disturbing. the frank and dean were old and appeared to be drunk and then these totally trashy chicks were flirting with them and it was sick. also when they were finished one of the rat pack members shouted "support the troops everybody!" we were like WTH?

speaking of the troops tho, and 9.11 i just want to mention that, for the record, i cried with laughter at NBC's community last week. seriously. last time i cried from laughing at TV was watching it's always sunny in philadelphia which is like the funniest but most whacked out show. anyway if you are not watching community UR missing out. big time. and yes i know modern family is good too and so is glee. and i can't hardly wait for RHOC. and i am enjoying the hills and the city sort of. it has been a long time since there have been so many good network comedies. last one i can remember is 30rock and before that it was seinfeld and before that it was full house. good work everybody!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

h1n1 and the daily plate

so everyone is having a shit fit over the H1N1 vaccine and i got K in for the nasal spray mist today. i had to call before the office opened and then we ended up having to go to another location. i think these pediatrician offices are getting like different quantities of shipments everyday. who knows when the shot will even be in. people are shitting bricks over it, especially people who are preggers or with little babies. i will be glad if i can spare K from getting it, it sucks.

why is jenna bush a today show correspondent btw? she is such a toad.

in other news i am excited for halloween although not for the candy. between the state fair and my 'birthday' dinner which consisted of lemon chicken penne, popovers, french onion soup and a brownie sundae (vomits) i need to get back on the diet train in a major way. i started the daily plate at livestrong.com so i'm going to try it for a while and see how it goes. all i know about lance armstrong is that he survived multiple cancers and he hangs out with owen wilson and matthew mcconaughey (who i hate--ew! he is so ugly and his hair is gross why does he get all these romantic lead roles?) but his website has a pretty good calorie counter where you can enter your daily exercise and foods and it will tell u how UR doing.

that's all 4 now!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

DQ rules

i really like DQ and it's H.Q. are here in mpls. i keep trying to get my husband to apply for a job in corporate there. if i could get free girl scout cookie blizzards that would be the bomb! i really like the PB parfaits too, i think those are my favorite. everything is good there (minus the non-dessert food!). xo DQ!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


not that there's anything wrong with those who believe in jesus (hereinafter "jebus" as referred to by homer simpson) or the "god squad" as i like to call them...it's just a little weird being here in minnesota. um, like every single block has a lutheran church and everyone goes to church..and when i say everyone i mean like we are the only people in the state who do not, i think. for example, we just got some more photos taken of K by our favorite photographer here in minneapolis who is the bomb. she's smart and cool and pretty and takes the most amazing pictures and has been hired by companies and magazines and all sorts of places...anyway i went to her facebook page today and i saw that she was a fan of "fireproof." i mean, seriously? i know i have talked about this before so i won't drone on about it but..like..kirk cameron is like seriously fucking mental. fo shizzle there is no doubt, i suffered thru seeing him on an episode of the duggars once. like what is up with this cool chick being a fan of that movie?? i don't know i mean like we aren't exactly anti-christ..we got married in a church and we even had our baby baptized and everything but like what is up with everyone being god squad? i know like there is a girl at my husband's work who seemed cool and stuff and then he said her blog was all about her helping children in some shithole with her church group. NOT that there is anything wrong with that AT ALL but it's just like u think u know someone and then BAM u find out they are super into jebus and it's like...i don't know if i can relate to that.. my husband and i have discussed it many times because our child will be a total freak if we don't take her to sunday school but like..tell me how in the world would we want to give up .25% of the weekend to go to church? sunday morning is such a great time. anyway i'm sorry if i have offended jebus but, you know.

Monday, October 12, 2009

what i want right now

this pancake ring is cool. if i were 12.

i'm still in need of this wreath but thinking it might go on sale after halloween. i can probably wait.

so we are looking for some new furniture and we went to room & board this weekend...holy shit it's the bomb and i LOVE this one!

dear skirt, where have you been all my life??! why are you sold out in every size??

i want this for K right now! LUV it!

i love this jacket! again, why is it sold out?
more to come!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

duggars v. gosselins

so the duggars welcomed their first granddaughter today and her name is "mackynzie renee duggar." first of all, nice name. second, OF COURSE she was born with a midwife and doula assisting in the birth. i'm sure they don't believe in doctors. *vomits* anyway earlier i was reading this great article on why the duggars are still worse than the gosselins..here is an excerpt:

"13. The Duggars are worse parents than the Gosselins! Just watch Michelle Duggar stumble over the names of her kids on The View. What's the problem, ma'am? Too busy raising apparently well-adjusted children to bother to learn their names? Ever hear of getting away by yourself to do a book tour? Or a weekend pool party in Vegas? That's how Kate and Jon Gosselin stay focused. Try it sometime.

17. The Duggars are worse for the economy than the Gosselins! Actually, the Gosselins have been great for the economy—their trashed lives turn pages, sell magazines and, until recently, score record ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8. All the Duggars do is live quietly on their TLC show, the that'll-need-to-be-retitled 18 Kids and Counting, and pop up in the mainstream media every nine months with a new baby. Would it kill Jim Bob to get an earring and a 20-year-old girlfriend? "

the duggars are totally worse than the gosselins, agreed!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

jon gets schooled by nancy grace

ok look i'll be the first one to admit that nancy grace is mentally ill. not that anyone cares or even remembers but i am pretty sure she came out against the duke lacrosse team right away even tho they were totally innocent. there is no doubt, she CRAZY. however, this clip still cracks me up..how pissed jon gets about nothing. oh, the drama of it all!

Monday, October 5, 2009

jon & kate drama

OMFG this jon & kate thing is so out of control i can hardly stand it. she is on the TODAY show like every other day! i saw her today being interviewed by meredith viera and apparently jon has taken like $200k out of their joint bank account. also TLC has stopped filming. kate said that jon DOES have the power to stop the show because they are his kids and also because TLC said that if 1 parent wanted it stopped then they would. i'm not sure if he can stop it legally, tho. i'm betting he already signed a release etc. i guess we'll have to wait and see. kate is in the works for her own TLC show tho, so that might work out. she said that the family is totally dependent on the show income. also the family gets a lot of benefits that they wouldn't otherwise have, of course we know this is true because on every show they are on vacation doing some randomly expensive thing that they get for free. basically kate said that jon's argument that he doesn't want the "divorce" on tv is BS because he's basically off the show now so there wouldn't be anything about the divorce. that is probably true. i'm not sure what to think. kate is such a lunatic beotch but it's almost hard not to feel sorry for her just because jon is such a d-bag. and it's very clear that he wants the kids off the show to 1. punish kate and 2. because he was kicked off. i mean this crap he said on larry king about "for the kids" is the dumbest thing ever. did he move to NY with hailey glassman "for the kids" ?? what an idiot. i hope that he doesn't stop the show. i think the show is so boring but at least i want the option to watch, i don't want HIM to make that choice for me! go kate..we all know you're a beotch but, whatever.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

babar again!

so i'm not the only 1 who thinks babar is cool around here (reference 8/21/2009 post). apparently so does suri cruise. anyway..enough about that..what about the new season of the hills? kristin is such a freakshow and i can't believe stacy has joined the cast? what in the WORLD does anyone see in justin bobby i would love to know. also i think brody's gf jade is a real freak as well. it seems at least interesting, tho, will keep watching.

jon gosselin

OMG correct me if i am wrong but "penalty" is spelled wrong, no? also isn't his name "jonathan" ?? who spells their name johnathon" ?? WTH is going on with this sign?