Friday, October 9, 2009

duggars v. gosselins

so the duggars welcomed their first granddaughter today and her name is "mackynzie renee duggar." first of all, nice name. second, OF COURSE she was born with a midwife and doula assisting in the birth. i'm sure they don't believe in doctors. *vomits* anyway earlier i was reading this great article on why the duggars are still worse than the is an excerpt:

"13. The Duggars are worse parents than the Gosselins! Just watch Michelle Duggar stumble over the names of her kids on The View. What's the problem, ma'am? Too busy raising apparently well-adjusted children to bother to learn their names? Ever hear of getting away by yourself to do a book tour? Or a weekend pool party in Vegas? That's how Kate and Jon Gosselin stay focused. Try it sometime.

17. The Duggars are worse for the economy than the Gosselins! Actually, the Gosselins have been great for the economy—their trashed lives turn pages, sell magazines and, until recently, score record ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8. All the Duggars do is live quietly on their TLC show, the that'll-need-to-be-retitled 18 Kids and Counting, and pop up in the mainstream media every nine months with a new baby. Would it kill Jim Bob to get an earring and a 20-year-old girlfriend? "

the duggars are totally worse than the gosselins, agreed!

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