Tuesday, October 27, 2009

design sponge etc.

i've been thinking a lot about furniture and design and home shit recently because we are thinking about doing our living room and fireplace..anyway i just wanted to mention this design website that is amazing, it has a ton of crap and one of the features it has is "living in" some movie for example dirty dancing which i love. it picks out stuff that would fit in with the movie and it's really cool. they also do edward scissorhands and some other cool movies. not quite sure why they'd choose mamma mia, however, though because it's like the worst movie ever made but whatever.

on another note, my husband is in las vegas tonight for business and just called to tell me he is going to cirque du soleil. he doesn't want to go. neither would i. is it just me or is cirque du soleil just the gayest thing ever invented next to the billy joel/elton john concert? i totally have no desire to go at all. last time i was in vegas i went to the "rat pack is back" which was really sort of disturbing. the frank and dean were old and appeared to be drunk and then these totally trashy chicks were flirting with them and it was sick. also when they were finished one of the rat pack members shouted "support the troops everybody!" we were like WTH?

speaking of the troops tho, and 9.11 i just want to mention that, for the record, i cried with laughter at NBC's community last week. seriously. last time i cried from laughing at TV was watching it's always sunny in philadelphia which is like the funniest but most whacked out show. anyway if you are not watching community UR missing out. big time. and yes i know modern family is good too and so is glee. and i can't hardly wait for RHOC. and i am enjoying the hills and the city sort of. it has been a long time since there have been so many good network comedies. last one i can remember is 30rock and before that it was seinfeld and before that it was full house. good work everybody!

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