Tuesday, October 6, 2009

jon gets schooled by nancy grace

ok look i'll be the first one to admit that nancy grace is mentally ill. not that anyone cares or even remembers but i am pretty sure she came out against the duke lacrosse team right away even tho they were totally innocent. there is no doubt, she CRAZY. however, this clip still cracks me up..how pissed jon gets about nothing. oh, the drama of it all!


  1. First of all Nancy Grace put Jon in his place....BOOYAH!!! I am going to be honest, I can't not stand him, he makes me sick to my stomach. All of sudden now that your being kicked off the show, you have morals and values and want to do whats best for your kids...get out of here with that mess!!!

    Yes, watch Modern Family because its super funny and Cougar town!

  2. ok i did watch modern family and the latina grandmother was amazing. i will definitely watch it again.