Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movies & tv

hey hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. i did go to toys r us at midnite with a friend on black friday and it was quite an experience. there was a line of about 200 people trying to get in and cars circling the parking lot. i really didn't even buy that much, i was going to think about the ipod touch but they were pretty much gone stat. i thought i was going to get my ass beat a few times if i didn't get out of the way. it was fun to watch everyone.

so i just started re-watching the O.C. and i'd just like to remark on how good it is, again. it's one of those shows like friday night lights where it's just like so much better than all the others out there. and i would say that its first season (similar to LOST's first season) is really one of the best first seasons of any show out there. also i am starting gossip girl, i just watched the pilot and it's ok.

anyway i was reading people magazine and wondering on what planet john krasinski is 1 of the sexiest men alive. what the hell? also regarding johnny depp, i think he is is either like really attractive or looks like he is homeless or maybe both.

also i need to comment that the asian guy ken jeong from community and the hangover (did u know he is a real life doctor btw?) is really funny. i just saw him in the goods which is like the worst movie, ever. but he was really good in it.

so i also saw new moon over the weekend. i didn't think it was that bad. i know it got like a really bad review on rotten tomatoes and i mentioned earlier how much i hate kristen stewart, but i really actually thought it was better than twilight. dakota fanning looks and acts like an idiot in it, though. other than that i thought it was ok. i also didn't think it was that long. i hate long movies and i almost died in benjamin button but the length of new moon didn't bother me that much. in other movie news i am pissed that i hear will smith's son is starring in the remake of the karate kid, my favorite movie ever. whatever!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

paul blart

so we went ahead and watched paul blart, mall cop last nite. if u have TIVO it's free to get some really shitty netflix streamed on demand so we figured what the hell. it was weird. i do love kevin james & 4 a really lame sitcom, king of queens isn't bad, but i'm not sure i would really recommend paul blart. i did genuinely laugh sometimes but a lot of times, as my husband pointed out, it seemed like he was doing a john candy impression. i really like malls so it was fun to have an entire movie set in a mall and the redhead psychopath from glee was in it too. i felt like the movie got weirder and weirder by the end though. the mall was taken over by a gang on skateboards doing acrobatics and stuff so that was strange. as my husband also pointed out, it was a lot like a foreign movie that was taking elements of american culture but not quite getting it right. anyway they ended up in the rainforest cafe which was cool because we actually go there in the mall of america. it's like the most overpriced shittiest food but for some reason we continue to go. actually the lettuce wraps aren't that bad but...anyway.

in other news i have been catching up with the real housewives of OC and let me just say what the fuck is wrong with those people? i swear to god they are like the worst. tamara is just heinous and now jeanna is dropping out so they have brought on some new freak who is just as weird as the rest. i used to like gretchen but slade is just gross so i'm on the fence about her. why is slade dating all of the housewives? and did you see his arms? he must work out 24-7. god they are all awful. they make RHNY look good. i mean at least bethenny like has a career and is sort of normal. *sigh*

so anyway happy TURKEY DAY to everyone..don't u hate when people say that?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

zombie pirates and stuff

sometimes i feel like in my shopping experiences i just keep re-living that scene in best in show where parker posey and her husband lose their dog's prized "busy bee" toy. u know so they are at the show and like totally need the toy to motivate the dog so one of them frantically goes into some dog store and asks the clerk if he sells the busy bee. the clerk ends up pausing and then bringing out a fish that is black and yellow striped and saying "this is kind of like a bee?" yeah.

so i was in toys-r-us tonight checking out the playmobil pirate sets which are 25% off this week and i really liked some of the zombie pirates but i didn't know if they were 25% off or they were in some other category. so i asked this dude who works there and he just started looking at all of the boxes and paused and said "yeah these pirate sets are 25% off." so i'm like "no, i want to know specifically if the zombies are included or not. take this box up to the front, scan it and come back and tell me because if this zombie is 25% off then all the other pirate zombies are too." so he leaves and comes back and says "yes the purple ones are 25% off too." um, they are GREEN and not purple u idiot but ok that's good news for me anyway. yeah. i mean it's not like expect competence when someone is being paid minimum wage but i do expect an answer to a direct question. it's not like i would yell at mcdonalds when they fuck up the order--it's mcdonalds, that is what they do. but i just don't expect them to try to change the subject or answer a completely different question than the one i asked!

so anyway i have a lot in common with parker posey's character in that movie considering she also reads j.crew magazines constantly. and that's probably not a good thing. also in case u were wondering why i am buying a 2 year old girl zombie pirates it's because they are cool and she's not going to be some priss when she grows up, that's why.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

stephanie tanner

one book i am not looking forward to reading is unSweetined by stephanie tanner. although i admit that i have already taught my 2 year old to say "how rude!" i think that stephanie tanner is an idiot and who in the hell would want to read her book about being on crack or whatever. i love how all these people who are fortunate enough to get on these shows and make a crap load then go whine about it later because they blew all their $$ and got addicted 2 drugs. duh!

1 other thing. here's a funny & real conversation:

*watching HGTV*

husband: "why are all these shows on HGTV taped in canada?"
me: "cause it's cheaper in canada."
husband: "why is it cheaper in canada?"
me: "probably because canada sucks."
husband: "you are retarded."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

kristen stewart and doll houses

hey so i watched adventureland the other day and it wasn't super good. is it just me or does kristen stewart look like she has about 3 STDs and basically ruined twilight? yeah i would say she is not that great and i'm betting she sucks in new moon. r.pattz is a different story, tho. anyway ryan reynolds was in adventureland at least and he is awesome..i LOVE just friends. that is like the BEST movie. anyway i wanted to say that my daughter has some awesome toys, i really like her doll house check it out.

there are some pets.

chillaxing in the living room with the flat screen.

baby with the mobile and pillow--uh oh, SIDS!

taking a bath with her clothes on. um this chick looks like one of the manson girls.

this house is like nicer than ours.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy birthday

happy birthday today to my friend amanda. also to leo dicaprio, i love you leo! ur the best actor, ever and i don't give a shit what anyone says! the beach wasn't too hot but ur great and i even saw that russell crowe movie u were in and it wasn't bad and i am really looking forward to that scorcese movie shutter island i am sure it will be great if ur in it. titanic was amazing and you got so screwed on the oscars last year revolutionary road did suck ass but u were good in it and u should have already gotten one for gilbert grape. one other thing i really like about u is how you obviously stuff your face in between roles because i see you at the laker games and you look like ur homeless and fat with a beard but then u totally beef up for your roles and look amazing. so that's cool. happy birthday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's always sunny

i would like to talk just for a moment about it's always sunny in philadephia. i just need to comment about it because it's the weirdest show i have ever seen but sometimes i end up crying because i am laughing so hard. it's so gross and offensive and sometimes it's not very good but the highs in it are really freaking high and i think danny devito is a downright comic genuis. it's so beyond weird i can't even really describe it but, like, you should check it out sometime just to see what i am talking about. it's these 2 guys who own a bar in phildelphia and then there's this blonde chick who is really funny named "dee" and this other janitor named charlie who is like border-line retarded. in the one i just watched they set charlie up on an online date and told him to tell the girl he was a "philanthropist" and he couldn't get it right so he ended up saying "i am a full on rapist." she was like um, excuse me? also he says his favorite food is "milksteak." that is the kind of shit they do on the show, like just the weirdest shit and they are all really gross. and charlie always wears this shirt. someone must be watching this other than me because it's in like it's seventh season or something though? anyway just check it out sometime and let me know what u think because it's totally nuts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

more h1n1 and other stuff

hello i have so many things to talk about i'm not really sure where to begin.

let's begin with the fact that K is wearing hello kitty underwear this week--very exciting, i think we are well on our way to being accident-free! what a relief, diapers are such a drag and so expensive.

second i think i ate my weight in halloween candy--yuck! i have such an addiction to sugar it's scary. i have been reading bethenny's book from R.H.N.Y. about being naturally thin. she talks a lot about the way everyone in europe is thin and about how different the mentality is there. i mean, they don't diet and they don't eat diet food but they just eat reasonable portions of good food. were it that easy. what if 1 candy corn isn't enough, what if it's either 100 or 0? that's my problem. it must be 0. i'm really glad that i hate all thanksgiving food though, at least that's not going 2b an issue.

third, in the spirit of furniture shopping, what is the consensus on the eames lounge chair? ridiculously overpriced or amazingly comfortable investment which doubles as art? i'm thinking it's more like the latter. and FYI to all my DC readers (that's you LL) room & board is coming to DC!

lastly i know this is offensive or whatever but i just need to vent for a minute on the anti-vaccine crowd. it's really coming to a head here with the h1n1 vaccine backlash and i talked to 1 mom yesterday who said she didn't want to get her daughter vaccinated because of the mercury. seriously, folks? the equivalent of a tuna fish sandwich is preventing u from sparing your daughter from h1n1? also i talked to another person who swears that there is a video on utube of a person getting a regular flu shot and then only being able to walk backwards afterward. ok, like i can't even deal with all of this nonsense anymore.

still enjoying community btw, it's really freakin good!