Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movies & tv

hey hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. i did go to toys r us at midnite with a friend on black friday and it was quite an experience. there was a line of about 200 people trying to get in and cars circling the parking lot. i really didn't even buy that much, i was going to think about the ipod touch but they were pretty much gone stat. i thought i was going to get my ass beat a few times if i didn't get out of the way. it was fun to watch everyone.

so i just started re-watching the O.C. and i'd just like to remark on how good it is, again. it's one of those shows like friday night lights where it's just like so much better than all the others out there. and i would say that its first season (similar to LOST's first season) is really one of the best first seasons of any show out there. also i am starting gossip girl, i just watched the pilot and it's ok.

anyway i was reading people magazine and wondering on what planet john krasinski is 1 of the sexiest men alive. what the hell? also regarding johnny depp, i think he is is either like really attractive or looks like he is homeless or maybe both.

also i need to comment that the asian guy ken jeong from community and the hangover (did u know he is a real life doctor btw?) is really funny. i just saw him in the goods which is like the worst movie, ever. but he was really good in it.

so i also saw new moon over the weekend. i didn't think it was that bad. i know it got like a really bad review on rotten tomatoes and i mentioned earlier how much i hate kristen stewart, but i really actually thought it was better than twilight. dakota fanning looks and acts like an idiot in it, though. other than that i thought it was ok. i also didn't think it was that long. i hate long movies and i almost died in benjamin button but the length of new moon didn't bother me that much. in other movie news i am pissed that i hear will smith's son is starring in the remake of the karate kid, my favorite movie ever. whatever!


  1. Yes! The OC is amazing, and Sandy Cohen is one of my favorite TV personalities ever. And we saw a girl at Disneyland with a Jack Sparrow portrait on her leg and it was really freaky.

  2. sandy cohen could not possibly be any more adorable. i also like dr. roberts (summer's dad) a lot, amos worked with him on something once and said he was cool.