Sunday, November 15, 2009

stephanie tanner

one book i am not looking forward to reading is unSweetined by stephanie tanner. although i admit that i have already taught my 2 year old to say "how rude!" i think that stephanie tanner is an idiot and who in the hell would want to read her book about being on crack or whatever. i love how all these people who are fortunate enough to get on these shows and make a crap load then go whine about it later because they blew all their $$ and got addicted 2 drugs. duh!

1 other thing. here's a funny & real conversation:

*watching HGTV*

husband: "why are all these shows on HGTV taped in canada?"
me: "cause it's cheaper in canada."
husband: "why is it cheaper in canada?"
me: "probably because canada sucks."
husband: "you are retarded."

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