Wednesday, November 4, 2009

more h1n1 and other stuff

hello i have so many things to talk about i'm not really sure where to begin.

let's begin with the fact that K is wearing hello kitty underwear this week--very exciting, i think we are well on our way to being accident-free! what a relief, diapers are such a drag and so expensive.

second i think i ate my weight in halloween candy--yuck! i have such an addiction to sugar it's scary. i have been reading bethenny's book from R.H.N.Y. about being naturally thin. she talks a lot about the way everyone in europe is thin and about how different the mentality is there. i mean, they don't diet and they don't eat diet food but they just eat reasonable portions of good food. were it that easy. what if 1 candy corn isn't enough, what if it's either 100 or 0? that's my problem. it must be 0. i'm really glad that i hate all thanksgiving food though, at least that's not going 2b an issue.

third, in the spirit of furniture shopping, what is the consensus on the eames lounge chair? ridiculously overpriced or amazingly comfortable investment which doubles as art? i'm thinking it's more like the latter. and FYI to all my DC readers (that's you LL) room & board is coming to DC!

lastly i know this is offensive or whatever but i just need to vent for a minute on the anti-vaccine crowd. it's really coming to a head here with the h1n1 vaccine backlash and i talked to 1 mom yesterday who said she didn't want to get her daughter vaccinated because of the mercury. seriously, folks? the equivalent of a tuna fish sandwich is preventing u from sparing your daughter from h1n1? also i talked to another person who swears that there is a video on utube of a person getting a regular flu shot and then only being able to walk backwards afterward. ok, like i can't even deal with all of this nonsense anymore.

still enjoying community btw, it's really freakin good!


  1. I hate Thanksgiving food too, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. And you should go for it with the chair, if it's cool looking and comfortable you won't regret it!

  2. yeah thanksgiving food is sick. i hate cranberries and gravy makes me sick. i usually have 1 piece of turkey breast and a plain roll. i'm not even really into pumpkin pie!