Thursday, November 12, 2009

kristen stewart and doll houses

hey so i watched adventureland the other day and it wasn't super good. is it just me or does kristen stewart look like she has about 3 STDs and basically ruined twilight? yeah i would say she is not that great and i'm betting she sucks in new moon. r.pattz is a different story, tho. anyway ryan reynolds was in adventureland at least and he is awesome..i LOVE just friends. that is like the BEST movie. anyway i wanted to say that my daughter has some awesome toys, i really like her doll house check it out.

there are some pets.

chillaxing in the living room with the flat screen.

baby with the mobile and pillow--uh oh, SIDS!

taking a bath with her clothes on. um this chick looks like one of the manson girls.

this house is like nicer than ours.


  1. Very cute! What brand is that???

  2. oh Duh! I see it is plan toys.... yes, nicer than our house too!