Sunday, November 22, 2009

paul blart

so we went ahead and watched paul blart, mall cop last nite. if u have TIVO it's free to get some really shitty netflix streamed on demand so we figured what the hell. it was weird. i do love kevin james & 4 a really lame sitcom, king of queens isn't bad, but i'm not sure i would really recommend paul blart. i did genuinely laugh sometimes but a lot of times, as my husband pointed out, it seemed like he was doing a john candy impression. i really like malls so it was fun to have an entire movie set in a mall and the redhead psychopath from glee was in it too. i felt like the movie got weirder and weirder by the end though. the mall was taken over by a gang on skateboards doing acrobatics and stuff so that was strange. as my husband also pointed out, it was a lot like a foreign movie that was taking elements of american culture but not quite getting it right. anyway they ended up in the rainforest cafe which was cool because we actually go there in the mall of america. it's like the most overpriced shittiest food but for some reason we continue to go. actually the lettuce wraps aren't that bad but...anyway.

in other news i have been catching up with the real housewives of OC and let me just say what the fuck is wrong with those people? i swear to god they are like the worst. tamara is just heinous and now jeanna is dropping out so they have brought on some new freak who is just as weird as the rest. i used to like gretchen but slade is just gross so i'm on the fence about her. why is slade dating all of the housewives? and did you see his arms? he must work out 24-7. god they are all awful. they make RHNY look good. i mean at least bethenny like has a career and is sort of normal. *sigh*

so anyway happy TURKEY DAY to everyone..don't u hate when people say that?


  1. I love malls too and it is a dream of mine to do a tour of a bunch of malls someday. When we retire I want to be one of those couples that does a mall circuit every day. And I just got caught up on RHOC myself tonight. I can't believe what a creep Slade Smiley is. There is totally something weird going on with Alexis and I think that Lynn is the worst. And Vicki is so obnoxious I can't stand it.

  2. RHOC i don't even know where to begin. slade is a psychopath. he was the host of a show to date his ex on bravo last year, it was terrible. i also think alexis and her spawn are fascinating (see earlier post). i believe she said they were 'leasing' their house. did she mean renting? anyway, vicki needs to be taken out. permanently.