Thursday, November 19, 2009

zombie pirates and stuff

sometimes i feel like in my shopping experiences i just keep re-living that scene in best in show where parker posey and her husband lose their dog's prized "busy bee" toy. u know so they are at the show and like totally need the toy to motivate the dog so one of them frantically goes into some dog store and asks the clerk if he sells the busy bee. the clerk ends up pausing and then bringing out a fish that is black and yellow striped and saying "this is kind of like a bee?" yeah.

so i was in toys-r-us tonight checking out the playmobil pirate sets which are 25% off this week and i really liked some of the zombie pirates but i didn't know if they were 25% off or they were in some other category. so i asked this dude who works there and he just started looking at all of the boxes and paused and said "yeah these pirate sets are 25% off." so i'm like "no, i want to know specifically if the zombies are included or not. take this box up to the front, scan it and come back and tell me because if this zombie is 25% off then all the other pirate zombies are too." so he leaves and comes back and says "yes the purple ones are 25% off too." um, they are GREEN and not purple u idiot but ok that's good news for me anyway. yeah. i mean it's not like expect competence when someone is being paid minimum wage but i do expect an answer to a direct question. it's not like i would yell at mcdonalds when they fuck up the order--it's mcdonalds, that is what they do. but i just don't expect them to try to change the subject or answer a completely different question than the one i asked!

so anyway i have a lot in common with parker posey's character in that movie considering she also reads j.crew magazines constantly. and that's probably not a good thing. also in case u were wondering why i am buying a 2 year old girl zombie pirates it's because they are cool and she's not going to be some priss when she grows up, that's why.

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