Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy birthday

happy birthday today to my friend amanda. also to leo dicaprio, i love you leo! ur the best actor, ever and i don't give a shit what anyone says! the beach wasn't too hot but ur great and i even saw that russell crowe movie u were in and it wasn't bad and i am really looking forward to that scorcese movie shutter island i am sure it will be great if ur in it. titanic was amazing and you got so screwed on the oscars last year revolutionary road did suck ass but u were good in it and u should have already gotten one for gilbert grape. one other thing i really like about u is how you obviously stuff your face in between roles because i see you at the laker games and you look like ur homeless and fat with a beard but then u totally beef up for your roles and look amazing. so that's cool. happy birthday!

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