Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's always sunny

i would like to talk just for a moment about it's always sunny in philadephia. i just need to comment about it because it's the weirdest show i have ever seen but sometimes i end up crying because i am laughing so hard. it's so gross and offensive and sometimes it's not very good but the highs in it are really freaking high and i think danny devito is a downright comic genuis. it's so beyond weird i can't even really describe it but, like, you should check it out sometime just to see what i am talking about. it's these 2 guys who own a bar in phildelphia and then there's this blonde chick who is really funny named "dee" and this other janitor named charlie who is like border-line retarded. in the one i just watched they set charlie up on an online date and told him to tell the girl he was a "philanthropist" and he couldn't get it right so he ended up saying "i am a full on rapist." she was like um, excuse me? also he says his favorite food is "milksteak." that is the kind of shit they do on the show, like just the weirdest shit and they are all really gross. and charlie always wears this shirt. someone must be watching this other than me because it's in like it's seventh season or something though? anyway just check it out sometime and let me know what u think because it's totally nuts.

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