Friday, May 29, 2009


i know the real housewives of OC hasn't been on for a while, but i do miss it and was thinking about a pretty serious question. who is worse, the real housewives of season 4 or their spawn?

first there is jeana. she is sort of like the original housewife i guess. jeana is not as bad as some of the others. i almost felt sorry for her because her husband has had like 5 DUIs. anyway, her spawn are colton, shane and kara. colton is obviously an idiot and so is kara despite the fact that they pretend like she is smart for some reason. shane is the real winner here, though. correct me if i am wrong, but i believe shane said something to the effect that he was going to literally kill his mom when she and vicki showed up at his 'minor' league baseball game. shane also had some thing with Jo in one of the early seasons.."to catch a predator," anyone? verdict: shane is worse than his mom.

ok then we have vicki who is like the worst person ever and just a bitch to everyone basically. (incidentally, what is that she is carrying in the picture? a mini-laptop?) her spawn are the nurse girl who wants to go into the army and the boy who she visited at college in colorado and acted like he didn't know who she was. i am pretty sure that i remember the boy saying "i will sell insurance too if it can get me a yacht" but then he went on the insurance cruise and proceeded to do nothing. he is lazy and an alcoholic for sure. hmm, he is pretty bad. verdict: vicki is even worse.

tamara is a freak. i'm not going to get into her little kids but what i will say is that her son who wanted to be a cop and then now is a bartender is pretty gross. he is the one who always fights with simon. also i believe he is gay. he got a tattoo on his lip, right? it said "nugget" i believe. *nods head* right, that is -totally- normal. anyway i would say that it's a tie. tamara and her spawn are equally f'd up (not including the little kids, i am not going to bag on them).

i saved the best for last. the new character, lynne. OMG her spawn raquel is THE WORST. seriously, the worst person on the show of any season. at lynne's cocktail party jeanna asked her what she likes or what she wants to do or something to that effect and wasn't her answer "i don't like anything" ? *slap* she needs a reality check in a major way. she is like the dumbest of them all and also the laziest. she does like to get trashed at bowling alleys, though. i am so disgusted by her and her new car!! yuck! verdict: raquel is the worst person on the planet!!!


  1. HA HA...I am going to have to go with Jenna. I want to punch Shane in his mouth. I couldn't believe how ulgy he was acting toward his mom when she came to his game. I love these crazy women!!

    Have you been watching the NJ Housewives?

  2. i have not watched NJ but i hear it's the worst. sounds like something i would be interested in...maybe i'll check it out.