Tuesday, June 9, 2009

lauren conrad etc.

so lauren conrad is coming to the mall of america rotunda to promote a book of some sort, i cannot imagine what the hell it is about. apparently it is called "l.a. candy." i wonder who really wrote it? anyway she better get on tour STAT and milk her status for as much as possible, i guess. speaking of which, i have been watching jon and kate and it's getting pretty good. last week he skipped her birthday to go skiing. also he skied with a kid who had C.P. for approximately 4 minutes. talk about cross-promotion, for kate's birthday TLC arranged for her to go to see DUFF and get a cake. hmm. i always think duff's cakes look weird and i am suspicious that they taste like crap. i mean they are basically all styrofoam and fondant, right? i would way rather have a cake that tastes good. also duff seems to think he is quite the badass for some reason. why? also i thought they were moving to LA and now it seems they are still in baltimore? whatever.


  1. I swear you read my mind sometimes!! I always watch Ace and Cakes and think his cakes look like they would taste like Playdough!! Plus, I have seen novice bakers do a way bettr job at cake decorating than him.

    Oh,ya, all the stuff for the cupcake giveaway is non-edible, so your safe!!! LOL

  2. i bleed pink: i can read your mine b/c u obviously rule! yes duff sucks and even more so b/c he thinks he is hot shit. and don't even get me started on mary ellen and her bangs.