Sunday, June 14, 2009

star trek and the hangover

so my mom babysat and we went to 2 movies this weekend which is like a record for us. we saw star trek and the hangover which were both good!

i'm not a star trek fan or anything but i thought the movie was pretty good and chris pine was good despite the fact that he is supposedly dating audrina from the hills (yuck!). i thought leonard nemoy was sort of too old to be in it for so long but that is my only real complaint. i wonder if they offered anything to william shatner or he just couldn't keep his shit together long enough to get a role in it? also i enjoyed uhura who i recognized as the star of one of the best movies ever: drumline. last thing, we were late when we bought the ticket so i asked the seller "are we going to get a seat?" and he said "we have sold 10% of the seats so if you can't find a seat then you have issues." i thought that was a pretty good response.

the hangover was funny. i like todd phillips and i probably like old school the best of his movies. the fat guy with the baby was really good in the movie especially when he cut his hand on the roof and also when he said he had found a baby before at the coffee bean. i miss the coffee bean. they only have caribou and starbucks here in minneapolis. also i liked it when he said to be careful with his pouch because he had skittles in it. the bitch in the movie (girlfriend of andy from the office in the movie) is a favorite of mine and i saw her live with the groundlings in L.A. she is awesome and also in RENO 911 lots. i used to like RENO 911 a lot and not just because Jones lived in my old apartment complex.

so that was it, nothing exciting. i must mention one more thing though. no matter what you do or what anyone says ever, do not under any circumstances watch the movie atonement. seriously, we got it on netflix and it is like the worst P.O.S. ever. first kiera knightly is totally wait, just kidding. she probably weighs 5 lbs. but anyway she sucks and the whole movie is like ridiculously bad and disturbing and so so not worth watching. stick with the hangover and star trek!

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