Thursday, June 25, 2009

kids crooked houses

OK i finally caught jon & kate but what i really want to discuss are these kids crooked houses. HOLY CRAP they are cool! i looked them up and for the "deluxe" which i think is what they all got they are $2549.00 and i am sure that doesn't include delivery and installation. it says on the site that they can be shipped to your door for $239-$499 but it says that you (unless you are jon & kate) put them together. HMM, they are cool but that's a little bit much for a playhouse.

so anyway about the long anticipated episode..well, yes it was depressing. i thought it was also weird. it seems like jon is really splitting with kate because she is just such a beotch but it also seems like he has really let this fester for a long time and now is just sort of saying a big F.U. to her and everyone. why did he wait this long to address the problem? and it also blows my mind that they have gone through SO MUCH together and now when the kids are 5 they are splitting. i mean, how stressful to have 6 2-year-olds and they made it through all of that only to split now. and the girl jon is with now is just heinous and have you seen her brother BTW? OMG i think he is seriously mentally retarded. he was the one who came out and said jon was having sex with his sister and he was in the next room. YUCK he is so gross. what is with people in PA anyway? do they all look like that!? and do they talk like jon & kate? UGH!

so i don't know if the show is coming back or what. i got the impression that it was not but then someone said that on the TODAY show they said it was just on hiatus and coming back later. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

i am really just waiting for the return of GLEE on FOX...please come back soon, you are amazing!


  1. They want cupcakes instead of wedding cake, which I guess to each its own. Also, did you get your stuff yet?

  2. i did not get anything yet but we are going on vacation today so maybe it will be here when i get back? i will let you know.