Wednesday, July 1, 2009

role models and abercrombie

i recently spotted an abercrombie shirt and was reminded of my interview there. in college i always wanted to work at the gap but there was no gap in the college town where i am from. so anyway eventually a big ass mall moved in. not a good mall..i think cinnamonster was possibly the best thing there. but there was a gap and i was stoked. so i put in an application there but just in case i also put one in at abercrombie. i was 21 so i shopped there sometimes and i thought, oh what the hell. so they held the interview at a coffee shop and it was a group interview, mind you. i showed up early of course and i was pretty much totally weirded out by the other losers there but i went ahead and sat through it. so at one point, the "interviewer" (which by the way what a loser to be a manager at abercrombie but that's beside the point) goes "so, if you all could only ever see 2 bands (living or dead) in concert who would they be?" um, an appropriate interview question, right? so i was like "what the hell are you talking about?" but anyway we went around the circle and i said something to the effect of "the beatles and elvis" and they all looked at me like i was an alien and then the girl next to me goes *wait for it* she says "DAVE MATTHEWS." ... "TWICE." no shit. right there i almost died at the idiocy of what i had witnessed. and, luckily i got the job at the gap and i worked there for a year and it was a lot of fun and i learned how to fold jeans, thank god because i did NOT get the job at abercrombie. no ants marching for me.

oh yes and also i wanted to point out that the movie role models is surprisingly not that bad and i like paul rudd a lot.

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