Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dear LiLo

dear LiLo, i'm sorry that you used to be a huge movie star and that you were really good and super cute in that parent trap movie (and it didn't hurt that dennis quaid was in it too) and you were even pretty ok in mean girls and some other stuff but now your movies aren't being released in theaters and they're going straight to the ABC family channel so it's like you and sabrina the teen witch are basically equal. so anyway that sucks and maybe you shouldn't have secluded yourself with samatha ronson and all of that crap and turned into an anorexic freak. sorry. xo, lizard


  1. I am really thinking someone needs to call Intervention for this chick. Did you like OZ?

  2. i agree! i have been 2 busy w/friday night lights to start oz, will keep u posted when i do.