Saturday, July 18, 2009

ronald and grimace

so mcdonalds has these teenie beanie babies back again and most of them are pretty gay (and by gay i mean lame, no disrespect to the homo population--prop 8 sucks) but the mcdonald character ones are fairly cool. anyway this morning we went through a mcdonalds drive thru in st. paul for some coffee and we asked;

"hey do you have the ronald or grimace beanie babies?"

and the girl said "no."

so we said "what do you have?"

and she said "we have a frog and a lamb."

so we said "ok, i guess we'll take them."

then we got to the window and my husband asked her if they are getting in more shipments or what and she goes:

"oh we pretty much have all of them already."

um, ok.

so we said "well do you have ronald mcdonald?"

and she goes "who is that one?"

we said "you know, the clown one."

and then she held up the ronald. hello, you work at mcdonalds and you don't know who the fuck ronald mcdonald is? then we asked if she had grimace "the fat purple one" and she held him up, too. nice! don't worry about the fact that we are buying teenie beanie babies at a mcdonalds drive-thru BTW that's totally normal.


  1. It IS a disrespect to the gay community to say "gay" when you mean lame. Don't use it like that any more, there's no justification for it.

  2. wow. there you go...way to get into trouble! Well what I was gonna say is seriously? Seriously? How in the *&T% do you not know who the *&*^ Ronald McDonald is? And stop being so disrespectful! HAHAHAHAHAHA...if only. Love you Lizzie pie!

  3. I've also been searching for the grimace beanie baby & NO ONE knows who he is! Shouldn't that be part of McDonald's training??