Tuesday, July 28, 2009

b&b and sarah palin regrets

not a lot going on here lately, just a couple of things to mention. first, husband and i went to a b&b a few weeks ago (that's bed and breakfast obviously) which was an odd choice considering we are 100% antisocial but it was fun, anyway. it was a nice one and the room did have a huge bathroom and stuff which was cool. the only weird things were that there was no shower, only a bathtub, and that there was no TV and that the curtains were sheer. i really need it dark to sleep in so we had to pile pillows up over the window. also the whole no TV thing was a little troubling. we weren't exactly sure what to do so we went out to buy some magazines because i think reading US weekly in the next best thing to TV. so, anyway, this was odd: when we stopped at a gas station to ask for magazines i asked the clerk if she had magazines and she looked at me and crossed her arms and said "not the kind you're looking for!" like, what the hell did that even mean? so we slowly backed away but i was like WTF do you only have porn--is that what she meant? i think that is what she must have meant and she could tell that i wasn't exactly looking for hustler...whatever!

the other thing i wanted to just mention briefly is that with this whole sarah palin resigning thing, i was thinking that i wish there was a facebook group called "i can't believe i voted for that freak, i knew it was wrong at the time but i did it anyway just because of mccain but now i pretty much regret it and i think she's a total embarrassment" because i would *totally* join it if there was.

lastly i know this is totally off topic (wait, is there even a topic?) but i am totally looking for some colored jeans. i went to the nordstrom anniversary sale and i don't even like sales, i feel like it's just a bunch of crap that no one wants that they are trying to unload, but anyway nordstrom didn't have any (except maybe in their jr. dept) and i am wondering if maybe they have just come and gone as a trend and now i am too late. i dunno? i just remember seeing cameron diaz in some aqua jeans like 3 years ago and i really wanted some but then never got around to getting them. i guess i will live without them but i did want them.

so that's all and 1 last shout out to i bleed pink's dog mango j...xoxoxo i am so sorry you were hurt!


  1. I can't believe you voted for her either. Sen AF is your punishment.

  2. No TV in the room? That's just insane. And I know how you feel about colored jeans. I tried on a red pair at Nordstrom last week that I really liked. I didn't end up getting them but they were rad. They were Citizens - I can't remember if they were skinny or straight. I looked for them online and couldn't find them but I think they might be new for Fall because it's the first time I saw them there and I always check out the denim selection whenever I'm at Nordstrom (which is a lot). Anyway, keep your eye out the next time you're there if your interested. Maybe they come in other colors too. :)

  3. Whoops, sorry, I can't believe I made that typo in the last sentence. I meant "if you'RE interested". Switching your and you're is one of my biggest pet peeves. And I have a lot.

  4. 1. That cracked me up.."Not those kind of magazines", you've always come across as Guns and Jugs kind of chick!!

    2. I was in Wal-mart last night and they had a huge selection of colored jeans. They were actually pretty cute too.

    PS. Your such a doll for the Shout-Out...I am sending you newest copy of Hustler for your collection!!

  5. OK so totally since I consider myself like an ancient friend of yours I absolutely love the fact that you have stepped outside of your comfort zone and done anything remotely considered "being social". It is quite amazing but I can totally of course picture the look on your face while looking at the other people at the b&b. And fo sho can imagine your look of shock at being denied a damn magazine. Are you dressing all crazy trashy on your little "couple time" vacays?? Dude.

    and seriously. I told you to vote for the one who matched my skin tone. duh.

  6. robyn: i did see those red ones like a few months ago there too! but i am looking for more aqua/purple/yellow i think. and i also searched for them online to see if they came in other colors and couldn't find them anywhere!

    i bleed pink: please refrain from sending any hustlers my way although i do think larry flynt is a badass on the 1st amendment!

    julz: we need to discuss mice. i had no idea you had problems too! also i didn't step too far out of my comfort zone at the b&b...we had breakfast delivered to the room instead of eating with the others! ha.