Friday, July 10, 2009

short rant on TSA

TSA, you suck. you are like the worst. seriously i mean how many civil rights violations must we all endure just because of 9/11? i remember when K was like 3 months old and i was told to remove her robeez before she went thru the metal detector. a 3 month old's shoes, seriously? does she look like a shoe bomber? i mean what is the IQ requirement to work for TSA, like 90 right? what is funny is that i think security is actually worse now. i hate having to walk thru holding my ticket and then the next week there is a new rule and you don't. why can't i bring a goddamn bottle of water on a plane anyway? but yet i can slip thru with play-doh no problem. and the best thing is that if you aren't nice to them, they will highlight your ticket and then search all of your shit! i hate TSA. and seriously i swear to god when we were at the SF airport i heard one of the TSA people ask "are you going to minndeanapolis?" minndeanapolis?

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