Wednesday, July 8, 2009

you take the good you take the bad...

so today i got my first "wow, you look a lot like nicole kidman" comment in a long long time. i used to get it more before i gained 40 pounds with the baby. i mean, it's not like i got it all the time or anything, but from time to time. of course, i also got the "you look like jo from that facts of life" sometimes too, but to those people i said "go fuck yourself." and really i think it was more like jo's personality that they were talking about anyway. not that i like motorcycles or anything, but i really don't look like nancy mckeon for god's sake, i mean come on. damn, it reminds me that i still need to lose like 10 more pounds. anyway, i would post a picture but i really need to be able to say whatever the hell i want on here without being discovered.

in other news, am i the only person on earth who doesn't give a fuck that michael jackson is dead? and what the hell is up with taxpayer $$ going to cover all of this shit anyway? 20 years ago called, it wants its celebrity back. i mean he was cool when he was doing thriller and i was in third grade but like now isn't he just a freak pedophile? seriously? who gives a shit? i flipped on the tv for 1 second and i saw john mayer and i almost vomited. what the hell does john mayer know about michael jackson anyway? bye!


  1. You're not the only one, I feel the same way. I heard someone say that she went to a party on the day he died and it was like having a birthday on 9/11. Yeah, because that's the same thing. What's wrong with people? And can you believe that the city is actually asking people to make donations to help pay for the memorial?!

    On another topic, have you seen Jon Gosselin lately? I saw a pic of him in US Weekly wearing Ed Hardy jeans and diamond studs in both ears. He seems like a real jackass. And why the crap do those two even want to continue filming that show anyway?

  2. 1. 9/11 v. michael jackson. please. i also heard someone say that they will always remember where they were when they found out he died. right. i think i saw it on yahoo news and then continued with rearranging my netflix queue. i actually had a job inerview on 9/11 & it was ridiculous. lawyers, wtf.

    2. jon gosselin is mental. i don't even get ed hardy. is it then new von dutch? the only person i saw wearing it much was dennis rodman on the celebrity apprentice. and of course they want to continue with the show so they can get more free shit and $$.