Wednesday, July 15, 2009

blanket, jon gosselin and costco

there is a lot of stuff going on right now that needs to be discussed!

1. is michael jackson's kid really named "blanket"? what in the world? one of them is named prince michael I and then paris and then the other one is named michael II but they call him "blanket?" i know next 2 nothing about michael jackson so all of this is new to me but it seems really weird. also i heard that the video of his house taken by the investigators before the molestation trial showed that all of his floors were like covered in trash and stuff.

2. OMG on jon gosselin. is he going insane or what? so he has apparently dumped that one girl and now he is with the daughter of the surgeon who did kate's tummy tuck!! OMG. AND he is in talks with christian audigier to do a kids' clothing line!? now, i believe that this audigier person does the ed hardy stuff which is why jon is always wearing it. when i was at the mall of america the other day i saw that they are opening a store there. it said "audigier" on it. wow. i thought kate was worse than jon but now i see that i was totally WRONG!

3. what is up with costco? i went there last night and it was, like, insane. i was sort of pressured into getting a membership there because everyone and their dog is like obsessed with it but i don't really know if i'll save the $50 membership fee in what i buy? it seemed really weird and like i saw the biggest can of tomato paste i have ever seen in my life. also they didn't accept credit cards which i thought was psychotic. one thing i did get though was season 1 and 2 of oz so i really hope i like it or i just wasted a ton of $.

4. i am currently watching season 1 of friday night lights and i would highly recommend it. it's awesome.

ok that's all, just needed to comment on a few things!

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