Tuesday, May 26, 2009

multiple "blessings"

ok so i know i was finished with jon and kate but now it's actually interesting (i.e. not taking alexis to the alligator farm) so i did watch the premiere. first of all, what is the hell is going on with jon? he looked to me to be extremely sunburned. he had not shaved and then his hair was all gelled up and he sounded like he was on some kind of drug like maybe a sedative. he said "my mom always said life's about choices." you know what jon? *slap* it is, and you chose to be on this stupid show. also why so vague about your "mistakes" ?? they both keep sidestepping the issues and it just makes everything more complicated than it needs to be.

anyway, then kate was there of course being separately interviewed sporting the "reverse mullet" and the boob job. she was whining about the media attention. then they had another damn party for the freak kids, this time it was a bouncy party. kate was complaining because jon was MIA and she says "you still have to do it up because you never get their fifth birthday back again." since when do kids need a mega party anyway? our K turned 2 in march and she had some sugar cookies and we gave her a few toys and called it a day, for the love of god. also we did not put her hair in braids and bows, freaks!

i don't know, i really don't feel sorry for either of them they are both just so damn ridiculous. i read somewhere that kate is such a drill sergeant that if you go in their house the only way you know they live there is because there are 10 sets of shoes lined up (because no one can wear shoes in kate's house). i mean with 5 year olds you would expect toys and stuff lying around but NO not with her. i swear to god kate thinks she is victoria beckham now. she is always with her bodyguard. hello, you were an nurse for 10 minutes and you are from shitsville PA? (sorry PA). note to kate: get a grip. you brought all of this on yourself and screwed your kids in the process. what were you thinking?? you're almost as bad as tamara from RHOC. almost.

ps. i enjoyed the ads for the duggars. now the show is called 18 and counting. does that mean she is pregnant again? and how many times can they talk about how many __fill in the blank__ does the family eat/need/whatever. they have 1,450 teeth combined! GREAT, who cares?

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  1. These crazy breeders should not be celebrated on these shows! Why don't we devote some shows to people who decided not to breed like dogs?