Friday, May 22, 2009

best picture of the year 2008

OK so what was the best picture of the year for 2008? we recently rented MILK and FROST/NIXON and i can't decide.

i saw SLUMDOG in the theater like a year after it came out. i would say it was ok. what i like about it is that all those kids are now back living in slums again and their parents are trying to sell them. that's fantastic. i was thinking slumdog might be 2008's "life is beautiful" remember roberto benigni? the total freak who walked on everyone's heads at the oscars? he had like 1 hit and then followed it up with pinocchio (ouch!) anyway we will see if any of those slumdog people do anything else. remember how everyone said all those blair witch people were going to be famous? right.

anyway benjamin button isn't even worth mentioning. i saw it in the theater and i swear to god it was like 4 hours long. also i really could have done without him transforming into a baby and dying at the end. jesus! so that leaves "the reader" whatever the hell that is? and then it's back to FROST/NIXON and MILK. MILK was good. i think i love emile hirsch. and even though sean penn is such an a-hole, he did a good job. but i watched FROST/NIXON last night and it was good too. frank langella was awesome. seriously, he is good. except i think it's totally weird that he used to date whoopi goldberg--WTH is up with that? i thought the guy playing FROST was weird and annoying in the commercials and i wouldn't like him, but he turned out to be ok actually. also oliver platt is in it and he is hilarious. SO basically all in all i would say DARK NIGHT was the best movie of 2008. maybe.

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