Saturday, May 9, 2009


product review: fur real friends "Biscuit" my lovin' pup. ok so K got this robot dog for xmas. she was like 20 months at the time and did not give a crap about the dog. now she is 2 though, and she actually likes this robot! the dog is weird, it has a collar with a bunch of commands like "sit up and beg" on it. you are supposed to yell the commands and then the dog reacts accordingly. sometimes when the dog gets up on both hind legs it falls over on its face. also K likes to stick the bone it its mouth which makes it top heavy so it falls over. one other weird thing, the batteries are inserted into its groin with a screwdriver. right. i will say that K genuinely likes this thing and calls it "BIQUIT" and says to "turn BIQUIT ON." whatever, it's a LOT easier than having a real dog and it won't crap on your floors so i would give it an A-. one other thing though, i noticed that they are also selling a "fur real" newborn chimp. um, hello.

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