Monday, October 5, 2009

jon & kate drama

OMFG this jon & kate thing is so out of control i can hardly stand it. she is on the TODAY show like every other day! i saw her today being interviewed by meredith viera and apparently jon has taken like $200k out of their joint bank account. also TLC has stopped filming. kate said that jon DOES have the power to stop the show because they are his kids and also because TLC said that if 1 parent wanted it stopped then they would. i'm not sure if he can stop it legally, tho. i'm betting he already signed a release etc. i guess we'll have to wait and see. kate is in the works for her own TLC show tho, so that might work out. she said that the family is totally dependent on the show income. also the family gets a lot of benefits that they wouldn't otherwise have, of course we know this is true because on every show they are on vacation doing some randomly expensive thing that they get for free. basically kate said that jon's argument that he doesn't want the "divorce" on tv is BS because he's basically off the show now so there wouldn't be anything about the divorce. that is probably true. i'm not sure what to think. kate is such a lunatic beotch but it's almost hard not to feel sorry for her just because jon is such a d-bag. and it's very clear that he wants the kids off the show to 1. punish kate and 2. because he was kicked off. i mean this crap he said on larry king about "for the kids" is the dumbest thing ever. did he move to NY with hailey glassman "for the kids" ?? what an idiot. i hope that he doesn't stop the show. i think the show is so boring but at least i want the option to watch, i don't want HIM to make that choice for me! go kate..we all know you're a beotch but, whatever.

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