Thursday, October 1, 2009

babar again!

so i'm not the only 1 who thinks babar is cool around here (reference 8/21/2009 post). apparently so does suri cruise. anyway..enough about that..what about the new season of the hills? kristin is such a freakshow and i can't believe stacy has joined the cast? what in the WORLD does anyone see in justin bobby i would love to know. also i think brody's gf jade is a real freak as well. it seems at least interesting, tho, will keep watching.


  1. I had to stop watching the Hills after season 3. Do you watch the news shows like Modern Family and Cougar Town...I am usually all about the reality shows, but was surprised at how FUNNY those two were!

  2. cougartown scares me. modern family, is that the one with al bundy? i started watching 'community' on NBC with chevy chase. it's good.