Thursday, October 22, 2009

h1n1 and the daily plate

so everyone is having a shit fit over the H1N1 vaccine and i got K in for the nasal spray mist today. i had to call before the office opened and then we ended up having to go to another location. i think these pediatrician offices are getting like different quantities of shipments everyday. who knows when the shot will even be in. people are shitting bricks over it, especially people who are preggers or with little babies. i will be glad if i can spare K from getting it, it sucks.

why is jenna bush a today show correspondent btw? she is such a toad.

in other news i am excited for halloween although not for the candy. between the state fair and my 'birthday' dinner which consisted of lemon chicken penne, popovers, french onion soup and a brownie sundae (vomits) i need to get back on the diet train in a major way. i started the daily plate at so i'm going to try it for a while and see how it goes. all i know about lance armstrong is that he survived multiple cancers and he hangs out with owen wilson and matthew mcconaughey (who i hate--ew! he is so ugly and his hair is gross why does he get all these romantic lead roles?) but his website has a pretty good calorie counter where you can enter your daily exercise and foods and it will tell u how UR doing.

that's all 4 now!

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