Thursday, October 15, 2009


not that there's anything wrong with those who believe in jesus (hereinafter "jebus" as referred to by homer simpson) or the "god squad" as i like to call's just a little weird being here in minnesota. um, like every single block has a lutheran church and everyone goes to church..and when i say everyone i mean like we are the only people in the state who do not, i think. for example, we just got some more photos taken of K by our favorite photographer here in minneapolis who is the bomb. she's smart and cool and pretty and takes the most amazing pictures and has been hired by companies and magazines and all sorts of places...anyway i went to her facebook page today and i saw that she was a fan of "fireproof." i mean, seriously? i know i have talked about this before so i won't drone on about it cameron is like seriously fucking mental. fo shizzle there is no doubt, i suffered thru seeing him on an episode of the duggars once. like what is up with this cool chick being a fan of that movie?? i don't know i mean like we aren't exactly anti-christ..we got married in a church and we even had our baby baptized and everything but like what is up with everyone being god squad? i know like there is a girl at my husband's work who seemed cool and stuff and then he said her blog was all about her helping children in some shithole with her church group. NOT that there is anything wrong with that AT ALL but it's just like u think u know someone and then BAM u find out they are super into jebus and it's like...i don't know if i can relate to that.. my husband and i have discussed it many times because our child will be a total freak if we don't take her to sunday school but like..tell me how in the world would we want to give up .25% of the weekend to go to church? sunday morning is such a great time. anyway i'm sorry if i have offended jebus but, you know.


  1. Kirk Cameron is nuts! Matt told me that one time he was outside the Jamba Juice he worked at in Thousand Oaks and was telling one of his coworkers that she was like a sinner and stuff. What a freak!

  2. yeah i mean he is completely psychotic. to have to insert your own wife in the movie because you can't kiss an actress, that's crazy. and it's not like a movie can't be good if the actor is personally a freak but there is no way that his movie was good. no one should be 'fanning' it on facebook.