Friday, January 22, 2010

release the kraken

i think that the new clash of the titans starring the dude from avatar and liam neeson looks really good. i also think liam neeson looks particularly cool in the trailer when he says "release the kraken." i think that's a phrase that i might have to adopt into my everyday vernacular. like, when they leave the sauce on your snack wrap at mcdonalds. "release the kraken."

there are a lot of lines from movies that i use all the time, i think i probably use more phrases from office space than from any other movie though. i like to say "i'm going to go ahead and ___" a lot. i also like to say "what do you DO?" which can refer to a lot of different people. there are a lot of people out there who have jobs where they do nothing. like, people who work at the post office, for example. 1 other phrase i use a lot is from the worst movie ever LXG aka the league of extraordinary gentlemen starring a 90 year old sean connery. there were many many good lines from that movie but i really have adopted the "i'm waiting to be impressed.." and it's useful in a lot of situations.

anyway, speaking of liam neeson, we did watch "taken" on netflix the other day mostly just because everything else in our queue is on a "very long wait." it was actually good, i recommend it! it's about this CIA special agent guy who is retired (liam neeson) and these freaks kidnap his daughter in france. he has to go get her and murder approximately 45 people in the process. my favorite part was when he was on the phone to the kidnapper briefly. he says something like "i don't have any $ and if you release her now i won't pursue you. BUT if you keep her, what i do have is a PARTICULAR SET OF SKILLS AND I WILL HUNT YOUR ASS FOREVER UNTIL I FIND will not live etc etc" i don't think a lot of people could pull the role off, maybe denzel and russel crowe. anyway, it was good or at least i thought it was watchable.

ps. 1 last thing i'd like to give a shout out to leo who will be on the haiti telethon tonight on nbc and who has already donated 1 million to help out. he looked amazing in HD at the golden globes presenting to martin scorsese. i can't help but think all the other actors must be jealous since scorsese keeps casting him because he is clearly superior to all others. i think gisele really missed her shot there.

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  1. Would you believe I've never seen office space...yes, I SUCK!!