Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i'm on get off my back

so instead of just abandoning this blog i am writing to let all of you know (uh my 3 or so loyal readers) that i'm going to take a break. I AM pregnant ok so get off my back! i am just too damn tired to write anything. i am not one of those people who enjoys being, what's enjoyable about a bowling ball in your stomach exactly? yeah, i'm not sure. i pretty much hate everything about it except the occasional dr. visits where i can actually see the baby. so anyway i have enough problems right now without feeling like i need to constantly rip ramona (what the hell is up with RHONYC btw, OMG!). hopefully i will pick back up again, i just can't deal right now and i think it's a pretty good excuse. god, being pregnant does suck!! i especially love gaining and losing 40 lbs. and then doing it all over again, that's great. at least this will be the last time, i SWEAR!! how i envy you who have already had all your babies! it's not even the "having the baby" part that is so bad, it's just the 9 or so months prior--! oh, and i will go ahead and NOT have photos taken of my belly by the way.

in other news i have NOT been watching kate gosselin on dancing with the stars, i really just couldn't possibly stomach that right now. i am sure she looks like an idiot. i did catch the "pregnancy pact" on rerun on lifetime tho and i thought it was pretty good. well, that's all i have for now..smell u later. not forever, hopefully. xo.


  1. Seriously...I have so much bitching to do about RHNYC!! I feel you on the pregnancy thing sister but that's because we are growing our future love birds and it's hard work to make a human! Ya gotta post something now and then b/c I miss your fab sense of reality!

  2. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!