Sunday, March 7, 2010

the housewives and flags

i'm sorry i haven't written anything lately, i have just been so tired! i have been able to watch plenty of reality TV tho, and i must say that the premiere of RHNY and finale of RHOC did not disappoint. anyway check out these flags, they are amazing. i'm a big fan of the pumpkin wearing a firefighter hat, too. i like how they are $25, too not including shipping. anyway RHOC went out with a bang thanks to alexa or alexis or whatever the F lynn's daughter's name is. she is definitely amazing. also i enjoyed tamra getting a divorce and moving into a condo. lastly, RHNY was amazing, they are so psychotic! i do like bethenny tho. i hate the countess, she is so annoying. also i was glad that the skinny one (alex?) who is married to the gay guy wasn't on it as much because she is super boring. anyway i am so excited it's getting a little warmer outside, thank the lord! it's getting up into the 40s here this week and soon to be 50s, i can't wait for the snow to melt. so that's about it!

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