Thursday, February 11, 2010


hey why is kim kardashian in the news everyday?

anyway a while back i watched 'brace for impact' on TLC the sully sullenberger story about the pilot who landed that plane in the hudson 1 year ago in case u have been living under a rock. anyway it was pretty remarkable what he did after all those canadian geese flew into his plane. i think that like 9 out of 10 pilots would have definitely fucked the whole thing up and i was really impressed that he could save 150 people. he is what i would consider to be "highly competent." how many people (from your server at applebees to the customer service person at the 1-800#) do you encounter who are highly competent btw? i would say that most people (probably 6/10) i encounter are "grossly incompetent." maybe 3/10 are adequate and i guess about 1/10 would be competent. it seems like incompetence is really more like the standard with people. hopefully your doctor is competent, and your accountant though.

i did buy the people magazine with the duggars on the cover and was not impressed because it didn't really provide any new info. i like how this new 1 lb. baby has "ignited a firestorm" of controversy tho because they are saying they are still going to keep having babies. um, where was the controversy like 10 kids ago when they were all clearly completely fucked in the head? nothing has changed. i hate them. of course they are going to keep having babies. why wouldn't they? why wouldn't their first kiss be on their wedding day? of course, it all makes sense when u have an IQ of 80.

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