Thursday, December 17, 2009

bigtime letdowns

1. sarah palin. enough said.

2. the davinci code movie. i couldn't even understand this piece of shit when it came out. all i know is that tom hanks does not look good with long hair.

3. anything by j.d salinger other than the catcher in the rye. has anyone actually read franny and zooey? don't pretend it's good.

4. new year's eve anywhere.

5. final episode of jon & kate--i just saw this the other nite. i like the close up of jon's misspelled sign (see above) set to slow music. gawd, maybe it's better that this show just die.

6. final episode of seinfeld. now i know i'm going old school here but this was like the biggest letdown ever, for being the best show ever that final episode really did suck.

7. borat. seriously? there were like 2 good jokes.

8. doorbusters. they rip u off. for real, there are no 'deals.' it's a bunch of shit that you DO NOT WANT and would not buy but you buy it because it's "half price." i do it too. it's really stupid.

9.madewell's website--you have to CALL to order? what is this, 1994? let me go ahead and get into my toyota "tercel" and "mapquest" a route to your store. oh wait, there isn't 1 in minnesota. hello madewell, join this century. who the hell has shit online that u can't order?

10. this blog. i know, i'm sorry!!

11. closing on a house. it looks like some great thing on HGTV where you sit with your realtor who is a tool and yet it's really lame and you just sit in some office and sign your life away. whatever!

12. diaper "pails" for babies. the shit *literally* still reeks. there is nothing that can mask that odor no matter what is promised! thank god i don't have to deal with that anymore.

more later.

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