Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the new karate kid

so they went ahead and remade my favorite movie of all time. this is going to be the shit! in other news i saw avatar and it was good. before avatar there were a lot of previews though and most of the movies looked like they would suck ass. especially that cameron diaz/tom cruise thing. ick! 1 movie that looked sweet though was robin hood starring russell crowe. you know, my brother said that he is "way too old to play robin hood." you know what though? russell crowe literally throws phones in peoples faces. he is super pimp and i think it will be awesome. merry xmas!


  1. So I need to in touch with whoever this person is in charge of remakes. Why do you need to change a good thing. Also, I have yet to see the robin hood preview, so I will have to check that out. I think were going to go and see Sherlock Holmes tonight I hope its good.

  2. sherlock holmes isn't bad!!

  3. Where are the new posts lady....I need to be entertained!! Are you watching Jersey shore?