Friday, December 18, 2009


ok what in the hell is going on with the real housewives of OC? it is completely out of control. did u hear that michelle dugar had a 1 pound baby the other day BTW? she is so f-ed up. anyway about the housewives..there are so many issues..

1. first of all, have you noticed at the beginning of the episode that when vicki says "previously on the real housewives" she literally says "prevously." like, she can't even say the word previously. she leaves out an entire fucking syllable. also, p.s. vicki UR not skinny! stop with the short shorts!

2. tamara needs to stop saying that she keeps her friends close and her enemies closer. she is not even close to gretchen, she doesn't even know what the hell she is saying. i swear to god, each of these chicks has an IQ lower than the next one.

3. slade smiley. um, seriously? he is making pond scum jealous. EW!

4. lynn's husband? OMFG! is he a woman?

5. alexis? please stop saying that you don't travel apart from your husband. u sound like you're in a cult. also how long have you been 20 minutes? 5 years, yeah, i know. that's like not that long tho really. real couples end up apart sometimes, that's life you freak.

6. i kind of like simon. he's a total a-hole i mean obviously but i love how he rips vicki and also tamara's loser son who is going to jail. i don't quite get what the "tequila" business is but i still like him. for a control freak.


  1. I am so behind on this show. I have them on my Tivo but have gotten absorbed in Jersey shore, so hopefully over the holiday break I can catch up on all the trash!!

  2. dude, get on it! RHOC is good!