Friday, August 21, 2009


so i've been reading a bunch of books lately. a while back i read:

tim gunn's guide to style and it was really good and helpful which is partly why i thought i might check out project runway.

recently i also read how not to die by dr. g who is apparently like this big medical examiner on a discovery health show which i have never seen. i would say that her book was good and i would like to check out the show. she talks a lot about the people she has autopsied and about how some of the stuff was totally preventable and about how you can do little things to prevent accidents.

right now i just started pride and prejudice and zombies and also the scarecrow which is michael connelly's latest. i have read almost every michael connelly book so i hope this one will be good. he is actually coming to a bookstore in st. paul in a few months and i am thinking about checking it out. the zombie book is also good so far but i think you probably have to be a person who is pretty familiar with pride and prejudice (i am) in order to think it's funny. 1 thing i thought was cool on the book jacket was that the author was described as "having taken an english class in L.A. once" or something like that. i see that there is also a new one coming out about sense and sensibility and sea monsters or something. maybe this whole concept is getting a little bit carried away.

lastly i just picked up the girl with the dragon tattoo at barnes and noble because it was a huge bestseller and the new one just came out so i thought i should try the original first and see if it's good. i have high hopes.

finally i don't know if anyone even gives a shit or what but i'd just like to point out that other than goodnight, moon, i really think some of the best children's books out there are the kevin henkes ones. the dude is really a complete mack and i would say that if you are ever looking for a present for a kid you just can't go wrong with this dude's stuff. speaking of children's books also reminds me of a recent experience at barnes and noble. we went in looking for some more babar books, you know the french elephant king and his royal family who hang out with monkeys and hippos? yeah. anyway we asked if they had any babar and the chick said "oh you mean ba-BAR?" well, yes, that is how they say it in france but we are not in france. anyway B&N of course doesn't carry babar anymore and they literally said "try france." um, you know what? try FUCK OFF beeotch! try AMAZON.


  1. Hey -

    I saw that pride and prejudice and zombies book and was not sure if it was going to be good...let me know, I might pick it up.

    Also, about the brownies its so random you mentioned them, because me and the BF were driving the other day and I saw their factory and was asking him if he had ever tasted them. I see them all the time around here, but I have never tasted one. I will get one today and let you know!

  2. i like the zombie book! it's kind of funny. i really am into P&P tho so i'm not sure if it's for everyone. i totally think those brownies look good! lemme know (no rush) i just thought i might try ordering some. they look like they are packaged pretty cute too.

  3. Hey Liz,

    I ran across your blog and saw that you’re reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." I'm so glad you love it, and I hope get a chance to read "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters." I work for the publisher, which, of course, makes my opinion bias, but I think you'll love that one too. I was wondering if you wanted to receive info and updates about the Quirk Classics series. If you do, just send us an email at

    FYI: We’re announcing a new title in the series at the end of the month, so you might want to stay tuned for a message about Quirk Classic #3.

    Thanks for talking about our books, and happy reading!


    P.S. - I definitely agree - Michael Connelly book are good.