Tuesday, August 18, 2009

comcast and the state fair

i don't really have much to say because we have been having major DVR problems lately so i haven't been able to watch TV at all! our power went out for an hour like a week ago and so our replay tv which was our DVR started having problems. so we went to comcast and rented this DVR from this transexual who parted her/his hair on the back of his head and got pissed at me when i asked if there was a start-up fee. (there is not, apparently). anyway we decided that we absolutely cannot deal with the comcast DVR so this weekend we went and bought TIVO. i really don't know what the solution is but i cannot live with the comcast one and was not surprised at all considering how much comcast sucks ass. it has been really frustrating because i see that there are a lot of shows on that i want to watch (i am thinking about trying project runway, for example) but i won't watch live TV so i am sort of screwed. hopefully we can get this situation resolved soon and i can get back to the new episodes of jon & kate which i have been missing. *sigh*

this past weekend we went to what is supposed to be the best pizza place in minneapolis. it's called black sheep pizza and while it was really good, i still just can't get over the fact that i really prefer chicago style to NY. i don't know what it is but i really like deep dish and i don't care if people call it a "casserole" pizza but i think thin pizza is really stupid and so is folding it over! and so is NY for that matter! ok, not really, but NY does suck in a lot of ways. also i really just prefer pepperoni to all other kinds, i think it tastes amazing. sometime i would like to do a pizza tour of chicago like our BBQ tour of kansas city that we did last december. mmm, speaking of food i cannot WAIT to go to the state fair. it's going to be off the hook..! i love all the food and all the animals and rides and crazy stuff. it's such a big deal here in MN but it hasn't really been humid at all this summer so that should help. state fairs are really fun, i have had a lot of fried food and i would say the fried twinkie was one of the best. i really didn't think fried oreos were all that great, or the snickers. i would like to try fried bacon and also fried coke (do they even make that?) sounds good! also i totally dig the air brush t-shirts. we got K a hello kitty air brushed onesie when she was 1 and it was so cute! everyone said it was totally WT but like WTF i think air brushing is funny and cool. fuck it!

ps. i'd like to make a correction to one of my earlier posts. in my post about bad-ass animals i erroneously stated that owls shit out the mice balls. MY BAD they totally puke them up and DO not shit them out. thank you to my husband for pointing that out.


  1. I love state fair food too. The black sheep pizza looks so appetizing and now I am hungry - thanks to you :)

    I am sorry that you were not happy about our DVR. Can you provide more details?

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. comcastcares1, the main problem was that we couldn't figure out how to search for a show by title. it was like we had to type in the first letter and then scroll through them rather than just type in the show title and have them all pop up. 1 thing that i did like, though, was that you could watch a show in the upper right corner while searching live tv. that was nice.

  3. also comcast cares: the transexual was not bad, i don't want anyone in trouble. my husband also said that she/he was super nice when he returned the DVR.

  4. I want to go to the State Fair! I need to see when they have ours here in Texas. I plan to not eat that whole week, so I can gourge on fried fatty foods...