Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HGTV and halloween

we did get our TIVO up and running so life is back to normal thank god now i can finally watch the rachel zoe project. also one show i have been majorly checking out is real estate intervention on HGTV and it's totally good. i'm probably a lot more interested in it because we recently bought a house, but i think it's totally hilarious. basically it's this total mack real estate agent who comes in and tells these d-bags "hey you moron, your house is worth a lot less than it's listed for." no shit, the economy sucks. people are so freaking stupid, i can't even believe some of the shit that they say! i think people are totally delusional when it comes to selling their home. we bought our house in march and paid $40K under the original asking price. i mean, seriously, it's the economy folks. people think because they paid a certain amount tor they put $$ into it then that's what they should get and their house sits on the market for 9 months and they don't know why. anyway, i like the star of the show and i like the show.

one other thing i wanted to mention is how excited i am for halloween. not the winter which follows halloween, but just the fall. i love the decorations and activities and food and everything about the fall and about halloween. too bad 1/2 the country will have swine flu at that point (holy shit, did you see what the CDC is predicting?). i'm glad i already had that shit! or, at least i think i did. and hopefully everyone can get it together and get those vaccinations out STAT! otherwise it looks like it's going to majorly suck ass for everyone! i think K will go as raggedy ann again this year. i'm pretty sure the costume will fit and i don't give a shit if she was already that last year because it's a cool costume.

so the renaissance festival is also here and going strong in MN. i would like to go and make fun of them but it's like i think it would actually be fun and i bet they have some good food and also couldn't they just be like: "um, you're here." it would be hard to make fun of it if you actually paid admission, right? i think i might wait and go next year. seems like my 2 year old would be a little young for it still. anyway, that's about all for now!

ps. 1 more thing i forgot. i was flipping thru channels last week and i saw the end of a hallmark movie which starred alicia silverstone and she was sick and dying and she had a son or something. in one way i felt sorry for her because she used to be so cute and such a star and i really think clueless was 1 of the most amazing movies ever and look at her, now she is doing hallmark movies! but on the other hand i guess i don't feel sorry for her because it's like she's still getting work so that's better than tons of other actors, right? so good for her! kind of.

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