Wednesday, August 12, 2009

cake boss!

i have been watching cake boss on TLC and it's totally nuts. it's like a rip of DUFF but like DUFF isn't even good. and the cake boss and his family are in new jersey so all the guys wear gold chains and yell "hey brotha" and "forget about it" and all of this shit. and the girls are totally weird too and like super loud and obnoxious. i would say that his cakes are probably just as good as DUFF's so far and probably taste better, actually.

watching cake boss take place in NJ though really got me thinking about how much some states suck! i was also watching an ad for (i can't remember) either north or south dakota the other day and i was thinking about how hard that must be for their bureau of tourism or whatever to try and think up some shit to put in a commercial. basically the ad just showed some couple dancing and then also watching indians. also there may have been some buffalo featured. it was obviously not the dakota with the mt. rushmore because clearly that would have been featured if it was there. also at the end of the commercial it goes: "north dakota. legendary." that is sad. can you even imagine traveling to north dakota on vacation? no way! i mean it's not like minnesota is a hot commodity here but at least there is plenty of crap to do and also you can get pizza delivered to your ice hut while you fish in the winter if you want! one state i would say that seems like it would really suck but actually doesn't is florida. i worked at WDW (that's walt disney world, doi) for a summer there and FL is actually cool even though it seems psychotic. i mean there are tons of snipers on the freeways but i think miami and key west and even orlando are pretty cool places. i guess i would think that maybe west virginia is probably the worst state. the only thing i ever hear about it is that tons of miners fall down holes and die there. it seems really weird. that would suck ass to fall down a hole, also. so anyway cake boss, i think i will try and watch some more. at least there's not an annoying receptionist who thinks she is a bad ass and has really bad bangs. mary alice, anyone?


  1. So, I was laughing so loud about the whole Ikea thing, because once again you read my mind. I am not going to lie, for awhile I had a problem with Ikea and had to go there every weekend for their "delicious" meatballs.

    I've decided based off your post, I am booking my trip to the Dakotas, I LOVE indians and what better than old people dancing...My kind of party!

    Cake boss sucks ASS, I can't stand all that yelling. I've tried to watch that show but can't do it, I would rather waste my brain cells on Real Housewives or Miami Social!

  2. yes watching indians is totally "legenday" u should check em out! also i agree that cake boss does suck ass although i still think his stuff would taste better than duff's. lastly, can we get an update on mango?

  3. haha Cake Boss, man I am torn between both shows; that and Charm City...They both make lovely cakes. But I don't know!! If I could just put the show on mute, I'd be ok hehe

  4. Some events seem planned, like when the delivery guy ate the dog food, can we say fake? Not to mention most of his cakes seem poorly designed. I see better from Ace of cakes, loads better.