Saturday, August 29, 2009

why i'm going to hell..

not to be a playa hater, but was the flag at perkins really half mast for teddy kennedy? i realize he did a lot of shit in the senate especially with health care and that he was in there for a million years, but when i interned in D.C. 1996 i swear he looked like a corpse then, it is crazy he has lasted this long, really with the amount he ate and drank. it's cool that he supported obama when not a lot of people were and i do get that his brothers were awesome. however, that said, i mean he was the screw up of the family and he basically was handed a senate seat. so, we are all congratulating him for not completely fucking up his seat, i guess. also he did kill that chick in the river, too, so that's great. i know, i know, he redeemed himself. still.

in the spirit of being completely offensive, i also have to talk for just a bit about the chick that was just found after 18 years. apparently she was kidnapped at age 11 and she has just emerged now 18 years later after being held in this freak's backyard. ok, that majorly sucks. i get it. i just have to put this out there though: how the fuck do you not escape after 18 years? literally people escaped from alcatraz in less time. and, that's an island. i mean i realize that this dude was probably focusing on her 24-7 but surely he must have had to go buy groceries or something. i mean how do you not get the fuck out of there at some point? seriously? jump the fence, steal a cell phone. come on. i realize she was 11 which is really young and there's that whole stockholm syndrome thing, but i just wonder.

i know, i'm totally going to hell. especially because i saw this old lady pull into the handicap spot at target today and i didn't see a sticker or anything on her car so i was like "WTF? why RU parking there?" and then later i saw her in target and she was wearing braces on her legs. yeah, i guess she did deserve that spot after all. shit!


  1. You'd have lowered Perkins' flag yourself if it had been RFK.

  2. "dan b." perkins has the biggest flags, ever.

    michael, RFK was hot!