Tuesday, September 15, 2009

17 again etc.

i'd just like to say who cares if obama said kanye was a jackass? isn't that what everyone said? i mean seriously, like who cares. and, he was. i mean isn't that true? jesus, like obama's never allowed to say anything like he is some freaking droid robot?

i checked out a few clips of kate gosselin on the view i thought her hair looked a lot better than usual. she seemed pretty good on the show in terms of answering questions honestly. god, joy behar is such a freak i can't believe she is even still on that damn show. i don't know about the view. i watch TODAY like every day and i would never watch something over al roker and matt lauer but the view is pretty funny sometimes.

we went to the renaissance festival this weekend. we just decided to go because we are trying to do as much stuff outside as possible before it gets cold and we have to shoot ourselves. the festival was really fun and they had so much stuff for kids. they had elephants and camels and K got her first pony ride which was fun. i totally wanted to watch the medieval comedy but you can't exactly do that with a 2 year old. it was hard to tell who worked there and who was just in costume. also it was "pet fest" weekend so there were a lot of dogs and some were actually in costume with horns and stuff. pretty cool. i was just glad we got there ass early (we have to because K takes a nap at 2 PM) so we sort of beat all the crowds. by the time we left the parking lot was insane, like thousands of cars. crazy. the only thing i wasn't super hot on was that there was a LOT of exposed skin and it wasn't really the good kind.

i think we will probably be doing an assload of apple orchards coming up. they have so many here. they are so awesome with scarecrows and apple pie and hayrides and pumpkins and apple cider and goats and stuff running around. can't wait for that.

last thing i want to mention is that i did check out the movie 17 again and i would say it was really not very good. i did see matthew perry twice when i lived in L.A. and he didn't look good then and he really didn't look good in this movie either. also i think it ripped HSM too because it was zac efron like dancing and playing basketball again. i really really am a big fan of the whole freaky friday genre (including those movies with kirk cameron before he went crazy and fred savage before he went to stanford) but this one really wasn't too hot. so, don't worry if you missed it.

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  1. I've always wanted to go to a renaissance festival. I think if I went I would totally go in full costume...LOL!!! Also, its so funny you mentioned apple orchards, because I was just thinking I should drag the BF to do some apple picking.