Monday, September 21, 2009


halloween rules and there are so many cool decorations out there, i am having a hard time not buying them all. check out this card wreath from williams sonoma, it's super cute.

pottery barn also has a lot of cool stuff. i'm excited for halloween. i think i may make K be raggedy ann again. her costume was pretty awesome and pretty big last year so i'm sure it still fits. people say that i am a bad parent if she has to be the same thing 2 years in a row but WTF like who gives a shit? i'm sure she really remembers what she was when she was 1, hello. note that is NOT her in the picture by the way, that is some other freak kid in what appears to be black hightops even though raggedy wears mary janes. whatever!

so in other news i did catch the "community" premiere on NBC and it was good. also "glee" on FOX has been delivering too and it's really good. i'm still watching jon & kate but it's really boring. i wish the RH of OC would come back on, i miss that a lot. i'm thinking about getting "the wire" off netflix sometime, i wonder if that's good? that's all!


  1. Do you know to this day, I have no idea what happend to those cakes. I was so pissed when I came back and realized they were gone and then everyone was playing dumb and not helping me ocate them....I ended up just leaving, because I was so mad. People irrate the hell out of me, and make realize you should never do stuff for free for them.

    I saw a preivew for the new season of RH of OC, the new girl is a friend of Gretchen's so this should be fun.

  2. i can't believe that. i can imagine that at a high school graduation or something but not a freaking wedding!

    i had no idea RHOC was coming back, that's so exciting! gretchen is so weird, i can't imagine what her friend is like!

  3. I love Halloween and dressing us the kids. You need to have another kid, that way you get to use your costumes twice! (Make sure to have the same gender!)

  4. dude, seriously we are already using the same costume twice...raggedy ann 2 years in a row baby!