Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dustin diamond

so i was reading the new US weekly and there is an article in there about screech's new book "behind the bell" which he says is "for the fans." i just want to say that i think he is a complete jackass and a liar. first of all he says that he wrote the book because he was watching the E true hollywood story and that it didn't get stuff right. apparently the book is a "scathing tell-all" and talks shit about the other cast members. he says that mario lopez screwed everyone and they all did drugs and how kelly screwed guys (like david silver) to further her career, etc. anyway screech is the only 1 who hasn't been able to get a job post-show and has filed 4 bankruptcy and has his own sex tape. COME ON like he is not writing this for money?? i mean i am sure there are some things in it that are based on semi-truths but it's like seriously the whole cast hates him and he is a fucking freak and i think kelly was right when she said "i feel sad for him." what an idiot! and the rest of the cast should totally do a reunion without him. the facts of life reunion was good, this would be too!

also i can't not write about jon & kate's new news..so is jon completely off the show or is he just playing a limited role? whatever, he is such a d-bag and ads nothing to the show anyway. will be interesting to see. it's just so god awful boring, i don't think kicking him off is really going to do much but we will see.


  1. Dustin Diamond is vile! First of all, his sex tape sounds ridiculous, like it was basically made just to sell (and is gross). Also, I remember him coming on KROQ a few years ago with his girlfriend (who must be a REAL winner) and trying to get them to do a fundraiser so he would not lose his house. Loser!

  2. YES he is vile. and he is clearly doing everything for $$ b/c he has none. what a freakshow!