Tuesday, September 1, 2009

duggars again

*vomits*. the duggars are having another baby. seriously, it's not funny. this has become a mental illness and needs to be stopped. can we have the dept. of social services go in and sterilize her or what? she is not going to stop until either she can't get pregnant or maybe after a kid with down's syndrome. that stopped sarah palin. the duggars are like the worst right?

speaking of sarah palin, is levi now on dancing with the stars or what? i think he should be. i do see that tom delay is on it, though. i remember they tried to get cindy mccain and she was like "oh F no." tom delay looks like an ass on it, why do these people do these things? it's so stupid. i get kelly osbourne who has no talent and no prospects for anything...people like her just try to go from one reality show to another *coughs..omarosa* but tom delay, come on? and don't his eyes look really weird? what is going on there?

so i finally caught up with last week's jon & kate and let me tell you it was boring. the boys went on a ship or something and basically mady and cara acted like idiots and that was the end of it. i did read the latest people magazine article though where kate said she thinks jon has been abducted by aliens and that she feels like she is divorcing a 15 year old. i can see that. i wish the show would just focus more on them talking shit about eachother. that's way more interesting.

happy labor day!


  1. I saw the story on The Duggars this morning and thought, I'd better check Liz's blog! SO not okay that they're having their 19th kid.

    I read the People article too. I saw a pic of Jon in Las Vegas the other day and he looked like such a tool. And I agree, TLC should cut out the kids and their expensive but free vacations and just show the good stuff.

  2. robyn, the duggar mom claims it wasn't planned. WTH? why is TLC even perpetuating this garbage? i mean it's not funny, we should not all be validating this.

    i also can't deal with jon&kate when they focus on the boring kids! *yawn*