Sunday, September 6, 2009

zoos and more!

we went to the zoo today, it was awesome. there are 2 great zoos in the twin cities, one is huge and amazing and we are members there and then the other one is pretty cool but smaller and it's free to get in. we went to the smaller one today. neither zoo has elephants which is a major bummer, but the big one has so much shit it's unbelievable. it even has sharks! when you get to the zoo right when it opens it's so fun and relaxing because there aren't too many crowds, i think that's the best time to go. also the animals are way more active in the morning.

so in other news, i was looking at this photographer's blog where she took some pictures of my friend's newborn and i really liked the photos of my friend, the baby is cute. i think most newborns are hideous and look like old men with wrinkles. i know you can't usually see it when it's your baby, but most are ugly. anyway hers is not but what i wanted to talk about was some of the other photos on the site. there were a lot of ones where there were these pregnant women (like really pregnant, maybe like 8 months at least) and they were standing around draped in sheer fabric and stuff with their guts hanging out. also there were some with their other kids kissing their bellies. let me be clear: please shoot me in the head if i ever pose pregnant with my kid kissing my belly. thanks.

lastly i have been meaning to talk about this for some time..there is this local bank near where we live and they change the lettering beneath the sign like every day. you know, like how gas stations can write like the prices of gas and stuff? well in the midwest like every business has a sign where they can arrange the letters underneath it, it's really weird. anyway the point of this is that i hate this bank. this bank writes an inspirational message like every day and i just drive by it and i have to read the message and seriously like each day this bank out gays itself. like the other day said "if you throw dirt you lose ground." i'll keep you posted on some of the good ones, they are really really gay.


  1. Totally agree with you on the pregnant belly photos! And ditto on the marquee messages. For the past 8 years (or probably even longer), the Grand Lake Theater has been posting rants that make me want to throw up on a daily basis.

    I really hate them and refuse to go there because of it and I can't stand that they just use that entire side of the marquee to bitch about stuff. Yeah, people kind of just want to know what movies are playing. Plus, everyone thinks the theater is all great because it's old and in Oakland but it really just sucks. Except for when they have the piano (I think?) player on the weekends but I don't even know if they do that anymore.

    And speaking of this, I've been collecting photos of ridiculous signs, banners, etc. that I see around in public and I'm going use them to start a blog about the stupidest ones I've seen. I think it's going to be fun!

  2. The preggie photos people are coming up with are so weird. Have you seen the ones where the guy is also shirtless standing next to his preggie wife/GF....weird!! I just don't see me looking back at those photos 10 years from now, thinking wow I was so cool for taking a preggie photo with My spouse and we both have our bellys showing!!

    Also, yes I was in Target, which tells me that every Target across America must look the same. I am also glad you reminded me about the Texas State Fair, because I've been talking about going for months. Since I've lived here, I have yet to exprience Fried Everything on a stick!

  3. robyn: i think that's a great idea for a blog and i would be happy to submit photos of the bank which i hate. also i agree and have been to that theater, i saw peo v. larry flynt there like 10 years ago. those signs are ludicrous.

    i bleed pink: get yo ass 2 the tx state fair, what u waiting for? also i knew it was target, i spend a lot of time there and i also know it's the store where you can try on their clothes and do whatever you want and the employees do not give an F! we literally returned 2 vacuums there that we used. one we actually returned without the box. oh, target.