Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11, TIVO

today the bank has "success is an inside job" on their marquee. great, i'll be sure to remember that.

so today is 9/11. i remember on the actual 9/11 i was living right by the la brea tar pits in L.A. and my friend M was living in georgia and he called me a few times that morning like ass early because of the time difference and said "kamikazes are bombing the world trade center, holy shit!" and i remember hearing it on the answering machine and thinking "WTF i am tired" and i went back to sleep. that day was so weird. i called my law school because i was supposed to have a job interview that morning and the school said "they have not been cancelled" and so i actually went to the interview. it was so fucked. who goes to a job interview that morning? anyway i did not get that job. i don't think i would want a job at a place where they didn't cancel their interviews on 9/11, anyway.

1 thing i must mention is how much i hate it when magazines feature clothes and then when you actually go to buy those clothes they are sold out. i know it's not the magazine's fault but COME ON! i remember like a while back katie holmes wore this white beanie from hurley and it was so cute and like of course sold out everywhere. so annoying! recently i tried to buy this tunic from nine west and of course it's totally sold out and they only have the color i don't want and only in a size i don't want. i don't even own anything from nine west minus a few shoes from like 7 years ago, but i did think this was cute and worth trying. sometimes i feel like i get into such a rut where i basically won't buy anything unless it's from nordstrom or j.crew so it's nice to try something different occasionally. as long as it's not too gay. for example, i would never in a million years buy ralph lauren but then i saw where they have this thing where you can actually make your own rugby shirts and that actually might be cool.

so that's about all for now. i am looking forward to new shows starting this fall. i am hoping little people, big world is coming back. i already recorded the premiere of glee and am looking forward to that. also i think i'll probably check out community on nbc and of course 30 rock. i'm on the fence about the office so we'll see. i could about vomit jim and pam. also i was thinking cougar town might be good too.....WAIT, just kidding. there sure are a lot of nurse shows on now aren't there? like nurse jackie and hawthore and all that stuff? i watch legal dramas, NOT medical dramas so i won't be watching them but it's an interesting phenomenon. i am really glad we just ordered an external hard drive for our TIVO because we will be needing it!

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